No matter what challenges your business faces, you don’t have to tackle them alone.


A mastermind group like our 90-Day CEO board of directors can be the answer.

Our members to overcome -- or completely avoid -- the problems that plague so many others.

“Mastermind groups let us share our collective experience and wisdom to help each other solve problems together or keep us accountable to achieve the goals we set for ourselves,” says Jordan Rothstein, CEO of King Tide.

If you've gotten used to brainstorming solutions and not following through, a group like ours could set you on the right path. Members help you decide which tactics to use and which metrics to track. When something doesn’t work, your colleagues support you in an affirming and positive manner so you can keep your commitments going forward rather than allow you to succumb to setbacks.

By joining a mastermind group, you connect with people who have seen both sides of success and failure. You might not feel like a capable visionary leader at every moment, but when you get into a room of people who understand that feeling, you recognize that you're not alone. People you respect have dealt with their own fears and you can, too.

If this makes sense to you and you would like to learn more let’s have a conversation.

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